Konferenzpaper akzeptiert: ISAIC 2022

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3rd International Symposium on Automation, Information and Computing (ISAIC 2022), https://isaic-conf.com/

Toward the Design of Personalised Adaptive Driver Assistance for Truck


Marc-André Büchner, Pedro Ribeiro, André Frank Krause, Jan Benders, Christian Ressel and Kai Essig


Backwards manoeuvring of articulated vehicles towards the loading bay at a distribution centre has been acknowledged as a significant source of accidents. Individualized driver assistance aimed to support professional truck drivers in this challenging scenario is still very much in its early days. This paper presents the ongoing design and development of a user interface and expertise estimation for adaptive and personalised driver assistance to support truck drivers through the scenario of parking a semi-trailer truck in a loading bay. The proposed system aims to adapt in real-time based on the current driving performance and adaptation rules.