Viswanathan, A., Titze, M., Nissing, D. (2022). Untersuchungen zur Nutzerakzeptanz eines aktiven Gaspedals für V2X-Szenarien. Investigations on User Acceptance of an Active Gas Pedal for V2X. Fachtagung VDI-Mechatronik 2022.

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The possibility to provide the driver with V2X (vehicle to everything) information only by utilizing haptic feedback on the gas pedal (“active pedal) as the HMI (human machine interface) is investigated. A user acceptance study is carried out to determine the suitability of an active pedal as the HMI along with the relationship between the strength of haptic feedback on the driver’s response as well as the determination of side effects from such feedback. The results from this study provides a testing strategy and contributes towards developing future ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) functions utilizing active pedals with emerging technologies. Three scenarios namely interactions with pedestrians, approaching changing traffic signals and approaching curved sections form the basis of the tests to investigate the driver responses quantitatively and subjectively. Overall the results are promising as the utilization of active pedals in these scenarios prompt the driver’s response, increase situational readiness and awareness and does not hinder the driver behaviour.